Sunrise Montessori School
Passionately Independent Since 1981
To provide the children entrusted to our care, all the support they need to bring about the blossoming of their unique individualities. And to foster their growth toward a life filled with wisdom and happiness and a life-lasting love of learning.
Our Mission Statement:
“While  learning is key... Loving to learn is everything.”
Our Curriculum Includes
☀Phonics- ECRI for comprehension, writing and study skills
☀Math and Geometry (step by step from concrete to abstract)
☀General and Functional Geography
☀Science, Botany, Zoology
☀Arts, Crafts, Music, Dance and Drama
☀Daily Spanish
☀Sensorial Development
☀Social Graces and courtesy
☀Practical Life Exercises
Our Goals
To serve families in Davis County with children ages 2-12.
To create an atmosphere of acceptance where children, parents and staff feel safe, confident and happy.
To maintain the highest academic standards through a rich and structured,
individualized curriculum.
To produce loving, responsible citizens who are respectful of each other and their environment.